Lead and
serve in Love
at your salon.

Attract stronger by having the courage to say “NO” to things that muddy a clear message.

Deciding which opportunities to take and which to pass on is tough. I mean like sleepless night tough if you really care about your business and the clarity of its position and message. What’s worse, a stylist or technician that may be a perfect match for you and your salon are actually repelled if who you are and what you stand for isn’t crystal clear to them.

Let’s try this, say no more often. Yeah, that’s it. Say no to opportunities that seem fantastic on the surface, but, in your gut, you know will pull you further away from what makes you special. You’re not obligated to take on every opportunity the comes knocking.

Home made handbags and wallets by the receptionist? Nice, but time to go. An anything-goes playlist of music that doesn’t fit your desired ambiance? Time for some iTunes shopping. Each mismatch opportunity you say yes to is little and fairly harmless on its own. Thing is, those several little things add up to the big experience and overall impression of you that people need to determine if and how they fit in your world.

So, in short, be courageous. Say “no” more often to attractive, but ultimately hurtful opportunities. It’ll help keep your message clear and even create space to accept better, more rewarding opportunities!

And if you’re struggling to find competent stylists or technicians, unsure about what to do to keep employees engaged, and want to be intentional about developing the culture at your salon, then say, yes.

I’d love to hear your story, understand your challenges and answer any questions you might have about getting, keeping and growing love for your salon. Yes, let’s talk!

I'm Alicia!

My name is Alicia Vaz.

I’m a faith-driven, fun-loving, salon culture coach—leading with a focus on serving others. Everything I do is informed by the Word of God. I want to use my super abilities to help you grow a thriving business without having to compromise your beliefs and put your light under a basket. Click to learn more.


What I hear you saying is that you want to attract salon professionals that are committed and competent. Am I hearing you correctly?
Well, let’s make it happen. Let’s make clear what your business stands for, what it values, its purpose, and who is being served.