Social Media Marketing Strategy

Get people EXCITED about you, your brand or business! Gain more visibility, win more customer trust, and gain more ground on would-be competitors.

Social Media

Goal-getting takes goal-setting. Get exactly what your business needs from social media with a carefully thought-through and realistic plan for success.

Online Messaging

Taking an interest inspires interest. Gain more people engaged with your brand with professional-grade social media writing, monitoring, and responding.

Social Media Profile

Good design stimulates engagement. Win more trust and interest in your brand with thoughtfully designed profile images, cover photos and backgrounds.

Free Coffee Consult

Social media greatness begins with a conversation—an honest talk with me, a social media marketing strategist. I help small business owners who are looking to get started with their social media or need help redefining an existing social media strategy.

So, in about the time it takes to finish a latte, you’ll tell me about your biggest business goals and I’ll give you some ideas on how to design a focused social media strategy that can help you realize them. Before we’re done, you’re sure to get a valuable tip or two that you can use to get customers more excited about your brand today.

I'm Alicia!

Hi! I’m Alicia.

I’m a faith-driven, people-loving social media marketing strategist and consultant, based in the Washington DC Metro Area. I enjoy helping people like you dream bigger and achieve greater—in life and business. Let’s clarify those big business ideas of yours and use social media to build an irresistible brand. It’s time to make folks get excited about who you are and what you’ve got!

More about me, if you’re interested.