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Socialicia + Daredream

Now simply “Daredream.” Visit to learn about experiences we’re designing to help connect people to the heart of Christ through business.

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And Things are happening already! Daredream has been guiding early-stage entrepreneurs since 2018. We’re excited to add socialicia’s inspiring stories and useful tips to the mix of encouraging experiences.


Fulfilling a purpose means focusing actions

I’m fairly aware of what my purpose is. If I’ve never shared it with you, I believe it is to “get good around.” I’ve lived with that foundational principle for a little while now, working from it in several ways. And that has become the challenge.

Knowing my purpose, and working from it is important. But spreading my efforts across multiple paths, while noble, limits my effectiveness and positive impact on the lives of those I’m here to serve. Facing that was daunting at first. It meant I needed to do some filtering. I had to choose what work to conclude for the sake of more purpose-fulfilling work efforts. Ultimately, it meant the sun was setting on Socialicia.

Though I knew I needed to stop offering some of its offerings, I realized that much of what I wanted Socialicia to be about still had value. The stories I attempt to tell and the tip-based resources I try to provide work very much in service to what I understand of my purpose. What’s more, they’re a wonderful complement to another work I’ve been involved with for the last two years: Daredream.

Honestly, I’m still figuring it all out with the help of loved ones and some fantastic co-laborers. But I can hardly wait to find the words and ways to tell you more about Daredream and the many early-stage, faith-driven entrepreneurs it helps.

My friend, good things are coming as we combine two great works to focus on connecting people to purpose to get good around. 

+Alicia Vaz

As we move into this new season, please let us know if we can help you with anything. Stories, resources, or just a listening ear. I’m here for you. Also, you can still read inspiring stories from Archived Blog.

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