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Working to support the good work of entrepreneurs through Gabbyrags.com t-shirt sales and contributions. 


Finding stories of good that motivates others to follow Jesus, pursue work worth doing and co-labor with God.


Sharing the stories of entrepreneurs who express their faith and the hope they have in the way they do business. 

A lifestyle of busyness only results in exhaustion. If we are to enjoy the journey of life, then it’s important to recognize when we’re about to reach burnout and take the time we need to reset and refresh. When we do this, we’ll be better able to make the right choices and lead with greater clarity, grace, and wisdom.

Christine Caine

God is always going to be inviting, nudging, and challenging you to step into greater faith and rest. The Enemy, however, is going to push you to step into fear and ungodly striving by trying to make things happen in your timing and through your own wisdom and effort rather than God‘s.


The Bible offers a tremendous amount of insight into how we as Christians should work: We should work with excellence, integrity, diligence, and graciousness. But what’s often overlooked is the need to create in community with other believers. For those of us who choose to follow the call to create, we must surround ourselves with fellow Christian creators who can help “renew our minds” (Romans 12:2) with eternal perspective as we create.

Jordan Raynor, Called To Create

There are times when the problem of hearing the Father lies with us. If we’re experiencing a lack of communication with the Lord, it’s not because God’s unable or unwilling to connect with us. He can and will break through if we desire to hear Him. What He won’t do is force Himself on us—and He won’t override our refusal to hear Him.

Dr. Charles Stanley

God can turn any plot of ground into holy ground. Perhaps the appointment you have today is a divine appointment? Maybe the problem you encounter is actually an opportunity in disguise? Keep your spiritual eyes open today, and see what God is doing all around you.

Dr. Mark Batterson

Let’s talk about collaborating.